Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009!!!!

What a wonderful Christmas I had this year!!!! This was my year to have the girls for Christmas Eve and it was GREAT!!!!! I was able to carry on my family tradition of "Santa gifts falling from the sleigh" on Christmas Eve......this was something my mother started and I have loved to carry on!!! Brand new PJ's wrapped in white tissue paper fall from his sleigh......the photo above is from the girls finding these gifts in front of the house when we got back from church.

The black and white photo was our family photo we used for our holiday card.....what a great family!!!! Dale took me and the girls to the boat parade on Lake Wylie.....was VERY cold, but we had a blast!!! Christmas day went by so fast, but I can look back on these days and know how blessed I am and what I have to look forward to.

Some days are harder than others, I have questioned many things in my life and worry am I making the right main goal is to be the most loving and best mother I can be. To provide a solid family for my girls and provide a life that they can be proud of and thankful of what they have........that the people that surround them love them and encourage them to make the right choices in their own lives.
........................and the Wonder of it all

Recent Random Photos
of the Girls

Just a few random photos of the girls from this year;
Anna now spends her days during the week at "Calvary Church" Daycare. Although this was a hard change for me, she has truly blossomed into this amazing little girl, full of personality and determination. She was very loved by her former nanny, but she wasn't getting the socialization that she desperately needed. So needless to say, Anna has really grown and changed this year. This is a photo of she and I at her Christmas parade at school. Her class were all Rudolph's....too cute!!!! The other photo of Anna was sent to me by her Dad when they went to Durham for the Duke Family Reunion. Just thought it was a nice photo of her showing some of that personality I described.......
The others are of Lily with her Florida cousins, at her school Thanksgiving recital and one of her swimming the length of the community pool in Florida. We were all so proud, not an easy thing, but she did it
............and the Wonder of it all

"Lily Events" of 2009
Here are a few photos from this year;
Lily's 6th Birthday with Hannah Montana; Movies in the park with her buddies and school Mascot; her lovely pink hair from her school fair carnival pictured with her good buddy Jaden; the last photo is Lily with some of her friends that came to clean up the school for "School Beautification Day". They sure pulled a lot of weeds around the walkways, Lily's Grammy would be so proud!!!!

Lily has LOVED first grade and we feel very lucky to have the teacher she has this year. It's been amazing how quickly they learn new things, watching her read more and more every day. Her school truly believes in the magic and wonder of reading, so I hope this is something that Lily continues to enjoy. She has made some new friends, yet holds on to ones she has made from Kindergarden and After School. So far we have managed to keep Lily busy with school, friends (she loves sleep overs!!!) and swimming class. She has asked about gymnastics recently, so I have been looking into this. Lily has not found anything that can truly hold her interest, except for swimming, so thats where we have stayed focused for now.

"Isle of Palm, SC" Summer Vacation June 2009

Last summer, the family was blessed to spend a week with some of the extended Harris family members. We rented a house on the beach for a week, and it was truly a beautiful time spent with family. Memories made, laughter shared with one another and even some "awkward" moments in which some of us learned a great deal from one another and have been forever changed.

The transition for me and the girls over the past couple years, although difficult for me, I feel have been less difficult for the girls. I have the Pendergraft family to thank for that, and because of their love and commitment to me and my girls, I am forever grateful. The Flander's family was a part of this week in addition to a brief visit from Gaga! The girls had an amazing time and are hoping for another trip this year.

Dale and Emily too were a part of this trip and a big part of my new growing family. It was so wonderful to watch everyone spend time together and although many of us have differences and opinions, we made attempts to all blend and enjoy having the time to be together. Especially in times like these and working as hard as I have been, it was nice to shut the world away and watch the kids.......looking towards the future and what we have to look forward to, what we have the power and wisdom to change........ a chance to forgive and move forward.
.......................And the wonder of it all

Florida "Spring Break"
Sun 2009
Another family vacation in sunny Florida for me and the girls.......these photos are from last spring break (April) when I went to see the family in Florida. I can't believe how long it has been since I have been on this blog!!!! Shame on me I know, but I will do better!!! I got a MAC last year and it is wonderful what I can do with photos now. My next step is a new camera, I just need to start saving for the one I want!!!
The girls are always amazing to watch together. Lily and Anna love being with their cousins so much. For the most part they all get along well with one another!!!! The older ones are complete goofballs and think everything is soooo funny!!! It's a little weird to watch the older ones growing older.....oh what the years to come have in store for Patty and I!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

....Spending time with my Beauties!!!

...well where do I start with life these past few weeks. I guess to start off on a sad note, Lily and Anna's granfather passed away this past Saturday. Although he is in a much better place and out of pain, it was a hard reality to face, that he was gone. The funeral was Wednesday and was truly amazing. The church was filled (the same church Ken and I were married in to boot), so many people loved him. He was a wonderful man and I feel blessed that I was loved by him. Lily took the news pretty hard, she will still ask me every morning, "did Grandad really die and go to heaven?" She loved him sooo much....
The winter moves on, but we actually had some snow to enjoy this past week as well. Of course school was cancelled, Charlotte does not know what to do when snow falls. We had about 3 inches and was a lot of fun to play in....that is until we couldn't feel our faces or hands anymore from throwing snow balls at eachother.
The girls continue to amaze me everyday. Lily is growing into her own little person. Still struggling with school, partly because she is up at 6am!!! But likes to learn her way and her teacher is also one that needs to retire!! She has taught for 20 years and seems to be a little burned out. But I am trying to do more at home when I have the energy at night. Anna grows everyday and is so easy to love. She is a very intense thing.....lord help us when she doesn't get what she wants, but we love her!!!
......and the wonder of it all!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well....its 2009!!! What a year, I must admit. I am looking forward to a bright new year and making it a great one! This year was tough, I didn't get the girls until Christmas day afternoon. Dale, Emily and I went to go see the movie "Marley and Me". was very good, and a tear jerker. Christmas night was great. The girls ripped through their presents like crazy kids, but they were very happy thats for sure. Lily of course loved her Hannah Montana "Steppin Stage" and plays with it constantly. Grammy was a huge winner with all of her Hannah Montana Barbie Dolls, Auntie P too.

We spent New Years Eve with Emily's mother and had a great time also....Dales dad came by for a visit as well. Lily is now convinced that he is the Real Santa!!! The crew decided to go ice skating downtown on one of the coldest nights, but it brought back great memories for me when I used to skate as a kid. My birthday was spent at Chuck E Cheeses.....I know, hilarious!!! I was sick and had no energy for anything else, but the girls had a blast!

I hope this New Year brings everyone much happiness and joy. I know that I plan to make the most of this year and remember the things in my life that I feel blessed for.

......and the wonder of it all